The Basilicata Region Earth Observation Cluster - Roundtable debate

On 8 December 2010, the Region of Basilicata held a roundtable debate entitled “The experience of the Basilicata Region Earth Observation Cluster and the opportunities of the EU space, research, innovation, environment, security and SME programs”.

The conference was organized with the patronage of the first Vice President of the European Parliament, Mr Gianni Pittella and of the Chairman of the “Sky and Space” intergroup of the European Parliament, Mr Vittorio Prodi, who also moderated the debate.

The aim of the initiative was to present to the European Institutions the expertise, the projects and the policies of the Triple Helix System of Basilicata and to share information on the opportunities offered by the EU programmes and funding in key sectors such as space, environment, research, innovation, SMEs and security.

The Basilicata cluster is specialized in Earth Observation and Space Technologies. The network of enterprises, research centers and university departments is dedicated to satellite technologies, environmental monitoring, seismic research and the identification and mitigation of risks related to natural disasters.

The cluster comprises the TeRN Consortium; Geodesic Space Center( Italian Space Agency, Telespazio and E-GEOS), the National Research Council (CNR, Institute of Methodologies for the Environmental Analysis); the University of Basilicata; RELUIS (Network of University Laboratories of Seismic Engineering); ARPAB (Regional Environment Protection Agency of Basilicata); CREATEC (Consortium of SMEs for Environment and technological innovation) and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development). Representatives of the cluster’s industries and research centres participated in the debate presenting their activities and giving an overview of the future projects and priorities:

INNOVA Consorzio per l'nformatica e la Telematica s.r.l.;

Digimat s.r.l.;

Advanced Computer System S.p.A.;


High level representatives of the Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry and DG Research) gave their contribution to the conference.

NEREUS also attended the roundtable. Ms Roya Ayazi gave a presentation of the NEREUS network underling the strong presence of the Italian regions within the network and emphasizing the active role of the Basilicata region since the NEREUS constitution.

For more information on the conference and to download the speakers’ presentations, please visit:

The day ended with the screening of the film "Basilicata coast to coast" directed by Rocco Papaleo, who also attended the event.

The film is a musical comedy made on a journey of a band of musicians ranging in Scanzano Jonico to participate at the city's theatre-song festival. For more information on the movie:

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