Research Clusters from 5 NEREUS member regions are part in the consortium. The research clusters are composed of regional local authorities, academic institutions and industries: 

  1. Centre D’Etudes Techniques de l’Equipment du Sud Ouest (CETE), Aquitaine (France),  NEREUS associate member ;
  2. De Monfort University, East Midlands (UK) ;
  3. Aerospace Valley, Midy-Pyrénées (France);
  4. The University of Nottingham, East Midlands (UK);
  5. University of Leicester, East Midlands (UK);
  6. Univesità degli Studi del Molise, Abruzzo-Molise (Italy);
  7. INFOTERRA LIMITED, East Midlands (UK);
  8. E-Geos Spa, Basilicata, (Italy);Institut of Geodesi and Cartography, Mazovia (Poland);
  9. Molise Regional Agency for development – Sviluppo Italia Molise SpA, Abruzzo-Molise (Italy);
  10. Intergraph POLAND SP ZOO, Mazovia (Poland);
  11. Mazovia Region, Mazovia (Poland)

For more information and for the contact details please visit the CORDIS website.