projects by NEREUS partners

The NEREUS platform is glad to report on projects in which NEREUS partners are involved. Here below the list of projects in which our members are involved, including an overview of the projects results and outcomes.  

  • ObsAIRveYB - ObsAIRveYourBusiness - An easy-to-use app for citizens and city authorities 
  • ENERGIC OD - European NEtwork for Redistributing Geospatial Information to User Communities - Open Data
  • SATURN - SATellite applications for URbaN mobility
  • SABER - Satellite Broadband for European Regions - Thematic Network
  • BRESAT - Broadband in EU Regions via Satellite
  • ISTIMES - Integrated System for Transport Infrastructures surveillance and Monitoring by Electromagnetic Sensing.
  • SHIRA - Satellite for High resolution Infrared Application
  • STEPS - Systems and Technologies for Space Exploration – Piedmontese Aerospace Platform


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