ONLINE CONSULTATION: Selection of topic Areas of interest for European Regional and Local Authorities

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Copernicus (formerly GMES) is a European Earth Observation Programme. While delivering satellite-based services and information on the state of our environment and security purposes, it contributes to better informed decision making, long-term planning, effective deployment of resources and thus more efficient public spending.

Although various Copernicus services and products are already available, few local and regional authorities (LRA's) actually use them. Consequently, ESA and NEREUS launch a series of workshops dedicated to specific topics. The objective is to dialogue with LRAs, to raise awareness and to learn about regional needs or potential obstacles for Copernicus deployment.

The present consultation is meant to identify workshop topics that are of priority for local and regional authorities across Europe - DEADLINE: 31/10/2014.  

Note: The consultation is restricted to senior managers working in regional/local administrations and/or to key persons who are responsible for the subject area within their administration. To complete the online consultation will take only 3-5 mins.





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