Spechees and Presentations

Political Session:

-M. Bresso, President of the Committee of the Regions (original italian version/simultaneous translation at the conference);

-A. Gonzales, Head of Unit, Space Policy and Coordination, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission;

-G. Morsillo, Director for ESA Policy, Planning and Control.


Roya Ayazi, Secretary General of NEREUS introduced the Technical session presenting why and how regions play a fundamental role in exploiting the benefits of space exploration technologies.

Three examples of aerospace districts and local clusters:

-Piedmont Aerospace District (D. Moncalvo);

-Midlands Aerospace Alliance (T. Maskell);

-Lombardy Aerospace Cluster (A. Vallerani). 

Experiences and perspectives of Industry, Research Centres and Academia:

-Thales Alenia Space (L. Gatti);

-Politecnico di Milano (A. Ercoli-Finzi);

-CISAS Università di Padova (P. Benvenuti);

-Leicester University SRC (G. Fraser).

G. Boerci, ESA, introduced the second part of the technical session


-Innovative Optical Materials for the development of Difractive and Holographic Devices (E. Pusone);

-MARISSA project (S. Chiesa);

-Mini Gamma Ray Camera (J.Lees);

-RiskNat (V. Basso).


-Infini.TO and others by CIFS, Piedmont (A. Ferrari);

-National Space Centre, East Midlands (G. Fraser) ;

-Cité de l’Espace, Midi-Pyrénées (J. B. Desbois);

-Volandia and others by CGS, Lombardy (F. Mailland)