Here we wish to quote a study recently launched by the EC European Earth Observation (EO) and GMES Downstream Services Market Study" that investigated the economic impact of GMES beyond the institutional sector, with a focus on the downstream market. While emphasizing that environmental sustainability and the effective management of natural resources can promote economic development it states that the EU-flagship GMES will create 83 000 jobs in Europe by 2030.

Therefore it is even more unfortunate to observe that an agreement to continue GMES as an EU-funded program within the MFF-package could not yet be accomplished. The negotiations are continuing and it is expected that a final agreement on the MFF 2014-2020 can be reached in the beginning of 2013. This would allow the new MFF to enter into force in 2014. Despite the findings of its study the EC as the proposing body continues to insist that a re-integration of the GMES-program “cannot be made at the expense of other programmes”. The European Council giving direction to the Commission signaled in its extraordinary meeting on 22/23 November that it would favor a re-integration of GMES in the EU-budget.

So all we can do for the moment is cross our fingers and wish you a pleasant read,

All the best for the coming holiday season and the New Year,

Roya Ayazi