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The EO/Copernicus WG aims at identifying and promoting regional priorities within Copernicus, the European flagship programme which provides geospatial information to policy makers. With the launch of Sentinel 1A in April 2014, the program has entered into the stage of operability, opening a broad range of application opportunities in various sectors - from Maritime, to Agriculture, to Risk Management. 


  • Valerio Tramutoli, School of Engineering of University of Basilicata
  • Branka Cuca, Research Associate at Politecnico di Milano (Polimi)

Send an email to Valerio Tramutoli | Send an email to Branka Cuca

Three sub-groups have been created for:

  • Land Applications (contact: Mr. Silvano De Zorzi, Veneto Region)
  • Security and Hazard Response
  • Marine

The documents of the last WG meetings can be found on the password protected area of the WG. 

To join or request additional information please contact the NEREUS Secretariat


The last EO/Copernicus Working Group meeting took place on Tuesday, 22d November 2016, from 15.00 to 18.30. The first half of the meeting was held jointly with the CET and GNSS working groups. 

The EO/Copernicus WG, coordinated by Valerio Tramutoli (UniBas) and Branka Cuca (POLIMI), collected a series of examples of regional applications of space technologies for agriculture and rural development. Based on this valuable work, NEREUS has been liaising with ERIAFF network to explore potential collaborations. The document, entitled "How can Space Make a Difference for the Agriculture Sector?" is open to further contributions

Download the document "How can Space Make a Difference for the Agriculture Sector?"

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