The Region of Basilicata is at the center of a Southern European urban region with more than two million inhabitants, which stretches from the Adriatic and Ionic coasts to the Tyrrhenean sea. This major economic region offers an ideal link between Europe and the Mediterranean basin due to its geographic position, trade routes, and political and cultural relations. Basilicata’s points of strength consists of an economic base with a mix of advanced and traditional sectors and of clusters that are internally diversified, integrated with other clusters, and tied to the territory’s backbone of small and medium enterprises. Environmental sustainability is the leitmotiv that links Basilicata’s emerging sectors such as renewable energy, biotech and earth observation with its more mature sectors, such as advanced automotive manufacture, agrifood and fossil fuel extraction. Basilicata has an ambition: to train, retain, and attract people and enterprises that show a high degree of global mobility in their location choices. Policies regarding education, training, environment, research and development, and industry are particularly important levers for growth.

Between Potenza and Matera, the two main cities of the region, lies a cluster specialized in earth observation and space robotics. A network of enterprises, research centers and university departments are dedicated to satellite technologies, environmental monitoring, seismic research, and the prediction and attenuation of risks related to natural disasters. Over a thousand people work in this cluster, which is nurtured by the Geodesic Space Center, Telespazio, Enea, the University of Basilicata and the National Research Council (CNR).
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On December 8th, 2010 Basilicata Region organised an event at the European Parliament to present the experience of the regional Earth Observation cluster as well as the activities of the regional SMEs.

For more information on the event and on the cluser actors please visit the Events & News section.

Main space actors:

Academic and public research centres

  1. ASI - Italian Space Agency -
  2. CNR - National Research Council - -
  3. ENEA- National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment -
  5. RELUIS - Network of University Laboratories of Seismic Engineering -

Big companies and SMEs

  1. TELESPAZIO s.p.a. -
  2. E-GEOS -
  3. CREATEC Consortium -


  1. TeRN Consortium -
  2. IMPRESAMBIENTE s.c. a r.l. -

Public bodies

    ARPAB - Regional Environment Protection Agency of Basilicata -


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