Every third aerospace employee in Germany works in Bavaria. Aerospace technology, satellite navigation and remote sensing in Bavaria cover the entire value added chain: major aerospace companies such as EADS-Space, MT Aerospace, IABG and Kayser-Threde are based in Bavaria. And key components for the European ARIANE launcher are made in Bavaria - like the solid propellant booster cases for the thrust chambers of all ARIANE 5 liquid fuel rockets (Aestus and Vulcain).


Bavarian enterprises boast a high level of competence in the field of ceramics, flight control systems and solar panels. EADAS has made a substantial investment in the development of an Ariane center and a solar center.


Bavaria is also best equipped for tomorrow’s technology of satellite navigation: one of the three Galileo operation control centres is located in Bavaria and the GATE test area provides facilities to test future Galileo applications.