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  • R. Ayazi
    Secretary General

GMES ???

Shortly before the summer break, the EC published on 29 June, its budget proposal "A Budget for Europe 2020" for the next seven-year period 2014 to 2020. With respect to the flagship projects EGNOS/Galileo and GMES the EC surprised the space community. Whilst 7000 Mio EUR over the seven year period are earmarked for Galileo within the EU-budget, GMES is considered as a large scale project outside the EU-budget with an annual budget of 834 Mio EUR. Read more




Focus on: NEREUS Space Exhibition

The NEREUS Space Exhibition will take place at the Committee of the Regions, Atrium 5, from 7-9 November 2011. In the framework of the exhibition a NEREUS workshop and networking event will be organised on the evening of the 7th November (18.30-20.00). The Exhibition Opening Ceremony will be held on the evening of the 8th November 2011.

NEREUS - Euroavia Academic Competition on EO/GMES

In July 2011 NEREUS and Euroavia (European Association for Aerospace Students) launched an academic competition on Earth Observation/Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security (GMES). The competition is addressed to all MA and PhD students within the NEREUS and Euroavia networks. Please forward this email to all interested people and universities within your network.

Current State of Affairs of the NEREUS WGs

Next meetings and current activities of the NEREUS WGs
Telecommunication WG
Communication Education and Training (CET) WG
Technologies from Space Exploration WG

Cité de l’Espace educational department: an informal education

The Educational Department of Cité de l’Espace pursues new paths to attract the next generation of Scientist and Space Engineers. Thanks to the work of two science teachers, the Educational Department developped innovative approaches to introduces pupils and their teachers to science and space.

Events and News

OPEN DAYS 2011: Workshop on "Social cohesion, security & resource efficiency through satellite services". 13 October 2011.

New FP7-call for proposals are now open. Focus on FP7-5th Space call; FP7-4 call for proposals in the area of Environment (including climate change) and FP7-Security call which involve a number of topics very relevant for EO/GMES.

Consultation in the CoR regarding the Communication of the European Commission “Towards a space strategy for the European Union that benefits its citizens”.

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Focus on: NEREUS Space Exhibition

The NEREUS Space Exhibition in November will be held simultaneously with the annual Space Conference organized by Business Bridge Europe in collaboration with the European Commission, the European Parliament and its Sky and Space intergroup, the European Council and with the support of the Committee of the Regions.

In the last few months, during the preparation of the NEREUS Exhibition, the possibility to combine the two Space events has been seen as a great opportunity to address the largest space community possible. Following this purpose, and demonstrating once again its continuous support to our network, the Committee of the Regions invited NEREUS to hold the Space Exhibition in their premises and to organize an opening cocktail ceremony jointly with Business Bridge Europe. The Exhibition and the opening ceremony will take place at the Committee of the Regions, Atrium5 on the evening of 8th November 2011.

The aim of the event is to make political decision makers aware of the tremendous benefits of space technologies for the European citizen and life in the regions. The idea is to demonstrate the added value of space services by presenting practical examples from every day life in regions. For this reason, during the evening, a poster presentation by the 26 NEREUS European regions and a short video will be displayed. Each region has already prepared its own poster illustrating space applications in their territory. Moreover a 4 minutes video is now under production showcasing regional space uses in different domain. Apart from that CNES and Thales Alenia will gently provide mockups - space exploration vehicle – to show for the entire duration of the exhibition. We would like to thank you all our regions for their valuable contributions.

In the framework of the exhibition a number of other NEREUS meetings will be also organized facilitating the networking and exchange among our member regions, politicians and stakeholders.

The key elements of the exhibition as the posters and the video will be shown and presented in future NEREUS events and other occasions such as the Toulouse Space Show 2012 (mobile exhibition).

Comprehensive information (programme etc.) will be soon made available.


NEREUS - Euroavia Academic Competition on EO/GMES

The competition is set in the framework of a collaboration agreement between the two organizations to support young graduates and professionals in the early stages of their careers.

This first edition of the contest asks students to identify new approaches towards the use of EO/GMES applications. In particular, theses are called to address technical and/or organizational aspects of GMES, such as the development of new algorithms, new governance and financial procedures, cost-benefit analysis and other economic spillovers.

The deadline for submitting applications is 31st December 2011.

After a careful evaluation by a panel of experts from both NEREUS and Euroavia, a winner will be nominated. He or she will be invited to participate to a renowned conference on GMES in 2012. This will provide the winner with the opportunity to be in contact with aerospace professionals from both public and private sectors. Further to this, there might be a chance for the thesis to be published in a scientific review. This will depend on the quality of the work, as well as on the judgments of peer-reviewers. For further information about the competition, please refer to the link below:

Current State of Affairs of the NEREUS WGs

The next EO/GMES WG meeting will be held on 13 September 2011, 13.30-17.30 at the representation of the Molise region in Brussels. The agenda of the next WG meeting and the relevant accompaining documents are available to be downloaded in the password protected area of the WG. One of the core agenda points will be the discussion of the latest EC-proposal to put GMES-post 2014 outside the EU-budget.

The GNSS WG plans to organize a workshop on EGNOS/Galileo applications in the marine/maritime sector. Date to be confirmed.

Brittany region and Thales Alenia Space, in the person of Mr Nicolas Chuberre, are the new co-chair of theTelecommunication WG. A re-launch of the working group activities is planned after the summer break. More information will follow.

The Communication Education and Training (CET) WG is currently collecting information in order to mobilize interested members for an EU-funded project in the area of university education (ERASMUS). Please circulate the news among actors in your region. We are currently building a consortium and welcome potential project partners and possible coordinators.

The Technologies from Space Exploration WG meeting is now working on compiling a new NEREUS publication “Space Exploration Technologies and Exploratoria in the NEREUS regions”. The working group is also currently involved in developing an EU-funded project idea “Network of Exploratoria in Europe” a laboratory whose main purpose is to spread the understanding of space among the broad public. Apart from that they are finalizing their publications on “spin-offs” and best practices in space promotion/communication, partly presenting already existing Exploratoria”. The next key event of the working group will be a high-level European Seminar in Turin/Piedmont region on 18/19 October 2011.


Cité de l’Espace educational department: an informal education

Logo of Cité de l'Espace

Cité de l’Espace is a major educational and entertaining theme park situated in Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées region. With interactive exhibitions, life sized space vehicles, an IMAX cinema and the Planetarium (360° screen and astronomical simulator) the park is a very attractiveness for children. The park, inaugurated in 1997, nowadays counts more than 50.000 students visitor per year among them 12.000 attend workshops and learning projects. The Educational Department of Cité de l’Espace introduces pupils and their teachers to science and space through workshop, experiments and learning projects.

In the framework of a partnership between Cité de l’Espace and the National Ministry of Education, two science teachers conduct different activities which have proved to bring positive learning effects to pupils being complementary to the classic school education. They develop ad hoc school activities which reply to the needs of the teachers and conduct training courses for teachers on different topics such as weightlessness, astronomy and satellite images.

Currently the Educational Department is involved in the development of a new learning workshop designed to make more independent the pupils’ learning activities. The class is divided into small groups and each group carries out an experiment on a specific theme. At the end of the session, each group presents to the others the results of their work.


Events and News


OPEN DAYS 2011: Workshop on "Social cohesion, security & resource efficiency through satellite services". 13 October 2011.

In the framework of the Open Days 2011, Brussels 10-13 October 2011, ESOA, the European Satellite Operators' Association, in collaboration with NEREUS will organize a workshop on "Social cohesion, security & resource efficiency through satellite services". The workshop will present different best practices examples across Europe, providing information on service quality and performance as well as implementation and funding. Register now! (registration code 13A57). Workshop programme.


5th Space Call in the FP7

The FP7- 5th Space Call was published on 20th July 2011. Budget: Euro 84 Mio. The call will be open until 23rd November 2011, 17 local time Brussels. The call fiche, the work programme and important additional information can be found at the Participant Portal of the European Commission. (The authoritative website for information and documentation on FP7 calls which replace the CORDIS FP7 calls service).

Besides the Euro 84 Mio. made available by the Calls for Proposals, additional Euro 174 Mio. of the FP7 Space budget are transferred to the European Space Agency (ESA) for the development of the GMES Infrastructure as well as the GMES data access.

4 Call for proposals in the area of Environment (including Climate Change) are now open in the FP7

 The 4 calls of proposals opened last 20th July 2011 in the area of Environment (including Climate Change) involves a number of topics very relevant for EO/GMES. Please refer to the presentation for more information.

Please visit the Participant Portal of the European Commission for all important information of each call.

Security call in the FP7

The Security Call in the FP7, published last 20th July, will be opened until 23 November 2011 at 17.00. Budget 241.700 Mio.

The Research Executive Agency (REA) is organising an Info Day on FP7-SEC-2012-1 Security Research Call on 8th September 2011 in Brussels. For more information and to register please go to:

Consultation in the CoR regarding the Communication of the European Commission “Towards a space strategy for the European Union that benefits its citizens”

The EC published in April 2011 its ideas for a future European space strategy highlighting priorities and objectives for the future EU space policy. The full Communication and additional information can be downloaded: Communication is a non-legislative act and explains the current state of discussion within the EC regarding the main pillars of a European space policy. It is a preparatory document.Taking responses to this communication into account, the EC will decide on its approach.

All relevant European institutions are asked to give their opinion to this EC-paper. The European Parliament, ITRE-Committee (rapporteur: MEP A. Patriciello (Molise region)) currently compiles an initiative report on the EC-communication. Within the Committee of the Regions Hermann Kuhn (Member of the Bremen City Parliament), a political representative of the NEREUS-member region Bremen took as ENVE-Committee member (ENVE-Commission for the Environment, Climate Change and Energy) the responsibility to draft an opinion on behalf of the CoR. On the occasion of the last Management Board Meeting on 20 June 2011, NEREUS-vice-president Christian Bruns (Bremen) provided NEREUS with a draft working paper and invited NEREUS-partners to comment on the document. East Midlands, Midi/P, Lombardy, Basilicata responded. The secretariat will compile a resume on the feedback of the NEREUS-partners.

Following this Communication the EC published at the end of June 2011 its proposal for EU-expenditure over the next 7 years (Multiannual Financial Framework- MFF). Bearing in mind that the EC tabled the budget proposal for the operational phase GMES post 2014 outside the EU-budget it might be interesting to reflect on the wording of the former Communication. For further information or related documents, you may contact the secretariat.

European GNSS Simulation and Testing Infrastructure (GSTI) Portal availability

The TEST CASE project, a Service Contract (TREN/09/FP7/GALILEO/316-2008/G3/SI2.552987) funded by the European Commission under the EC 7th Framework Programme, is proud to announce that the European GNSS Simulation and Testing Infrastructure (GSTI) is now available at:

This portal is a collaborative platform intended to support both developers of GNSS applications or equipments, and providers of GNSS testing and simulation tools or testbeds. The access to this platform is totally free and delivers key support to anybody involved in the testing of GNSS equipment or applications.

The main aims of the GSTI platform are to:

Provide European users with simplified access to GNSS testing services; Provide a web-based helpdesk service; Manage dynamically all available information on European GNSS testing facilities; Offer publicly owned GNSS analysis and simulation tools; Set up a discussion platform, where users can exchange views and share experiences. More information:

NEREUS new flyer!

The English and the French version of the new flyer of NEREUS is now available online.


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