NEREUS/ESA joint publication "50 Uses of GMES across European Regions"

NEREUS and ESA are currently collaborating in a joint publication entitled "50 Uses of GMES across European Regions".

Mini-study report: “Smart Specialization in Space: The economic potential of space technology and downstream services for Europe’s regions”

With support of the European Commission/DG Regional Policy the mini-study was compiled by CEON/Bremen in cooperation with the Brussels based representation and the NEREUS-secretariat.

While investigating the economic potential of space technologies and downstream services for Europe’s Regions with respect to smart specialization (a strategy to focus on few competitive areas), the study wants to raise awareness of space based activities and their potential benefits at regional level. 10 NEREUS regions provided case studies demonstrating beneficial impacts with a focus on GMES and Galileo programs. Most of the regions that participated in the consultation invest in space related sectors with the support of ERDF funds to achieve important spillover effects into other policy areas. Therefore it is crucial to keep promoting their activities nearby the policy makers. 

NEREUS members interested in receiving a copy of the mini-study, please get in contact with the Secretariat.