Lazio, the Rome region is the third most populated and the second wealthiest of Italy, with 17,236 km2 there are about 5,7 million inhabitants.

Part of the Regional Competitiveness and Employment Lazio Region uses 34.5% of its €744 budget for research, innovation and strengthening of production and 25.5% for environment and risk prevention.

Lazio region is a key player in the European space sector; its long tradition of research and development (R&D) as well as manufacturing activities and experience in the field of aerospace will definitely represent an added value for the whole network community.

The aerospace sector is one of Lazio region’s areas of excellence, internationally recognized due to the presence of large-sized industries such as Thales Alenia SpaceTelespazio, and Alenia Aereonautica within its territory. Additionally many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, research centers and universities represent an economic and social added value for the whole region. Here below some figures:

With 30.000 employees working in the sector, the region gathers 250 industries of high-level specialized technical expertise; 10 Research centres (among others: the European Space Research Institute (ESA/ESRIN), the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the National Research Centre (CNR) and many more); 4 Technological Centres; 4 Engineering University Faculties and about 3000 professors, researchers and specialists involved in aerospace R&D activities[1]

These actors are collaborating in many projects and research activities within the regional Aerospace Technology Cluster (Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale – DTA), the first Italian Aerospace cluster formed in June 2004.

DTA’s activities are coordinated and promoted by the financial investment agency of Lazio region, FILAS (

The projects managed by FILAS aim at promoting, directly or indirectly, the innovation and development of the enterprise system in Lazio. It finances directly co-research, technology transfer, spin-off and innovation projects, as well as provide venture capital support. Major projects include other Technology Clusters dedicated to Biosciences, Cultural Heritage. Digital Technologies and Creative Industries. Other projects include Lazio Connect, the aerospace collaborative enterprising network, the Lazio-Side portal (the virtual SME community in Lazio), and the participation in trans-national networks and European projects, some of which as lead manager.


[1] Figures updated as of 2008. More info available at:



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