Regional approaches to the GNSS programme – Workshop (Brussels, BE)

NEREUS – PEGASE WORKSHOP “Regional approaches to the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) programme”




On 24 March 2010 – Bruxelles (Belgium), 09.30 – 16.00 h


The NEREUS-GNSS-Working Group jointly with the PEGASE-consortium organized a workshop on regional approaches to the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) programme. The workshop aimed at giving participants the opportunity to discuss the present status and the next developments of the GNSS program, presented by the EC and the GSA, together with the most relevant regional experiences already acquired in some regions. Regional and local authorities, Universities and research centres, experts, policy makers, representatives of the private sectors and especially SME were invited to join the event. It was also open to non-NEREUS-members. Almost 40 people joined the event that was held in the Brussels representation of the Molise region.


In the morning the representatives of the European Commission and GSA introduced the GNSS-Activities at EU-level.


Michel BOSCOdeputy head of unit: EU satellite navigation programmes: international aspects and applications, presented the ideas of the Commission to boost the adoption of EGNOS (and GALILEO) applications and push forward Europe’s share in the GMES-application market.


Boris KENNES,GSA, focused his intervention on the GSA’s activities to develop the satellite market “Unlocking the downstream market – R&D project funding and EGNOS marketing activities”.


Pierpaolo CAMPOSTRINI, CORILA, chair of the GNSS-Working Group provided a comprehensive overview on the activities of the working group and the key messages of the NEREUS-GNSS-Postion Paper.


Florence GHIRON, Capital HighTech, who represented the PEGASE-Project introduced the audience to the flagship project of the GSA and discussed its activities and mission.


The second part of the workshop in the afternoon gave the participants the floor to present illustrative examples how regions use GNSS-technologies.




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