CoRdiNet is an open network of five very diverse Copernicus Relays with a coordinating function on local, regional, cluster and national level, supporting, promoting and stimulating digitalisation and new business solutions based on Earth Observation (EO) i.e. Copernicus data. The Horizon2020-funded project is led by the Bavarian network partner bavAIRia e. V. and the University of Leicester (East Midlands) and the Tern-Consortium (Basilicata) are amongst the consortia partners. NEREUS is in charge of integrating external partners into the activities and is responsible for a fund of 100.000 EUR to support additional activities of Copernicus-relays across Europe. The project kicked off in October 2018 and has a duration of two years. NEREUS has a coordinating role with respect to the project funds (100.000 EUR) aiming at the integration of external partners of more than 20 Copernicus innovation actors.

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