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Only Regions can join NEREUS as a full member:


The governance of the network is shared by the NEREUS-regions.


Space technology and in particular satellite data encompasses a diverse portfolio of activities reaching almost all different industry fields and public domains (e.g. civil and transport, maritime, risk management, sustainable development, communications) providing answers to relevant challenges. Through NEREUS, regions as users of space solutions can get involved in space activities and policies, and as policy makers to integrate space policies in their regional policies and strategies for growth, innovation and employment.


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Associate Members can be local authorities (other than regions), institution (profit or non-profit), companies, corporations, associations, foundations, banks, universities, firms, private actors, stakeholders, other networks, etc. as long as they have competence, knowledge and interests concurrent with the Association’s aims.


They can play an important role in driving project activities with a strong market and research dimension and raise significantly their visibility in the European space sector!



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Complete the following steps:

  1. Familiarize yourself with NEREUS and its core mission and check if your Region/Organization is eligible for membership (your organisation should have an interest in the use of space)
  2. Read and Sign the Political Charter and the Statutes (key documents of the network)
  3. Prepare an adhesion dossier comprised of filled in Adhesion form, signed Statutes, Political Charter and motivation letter
  4. Send adhesion request to the NEREUS-secretariat
  5. Your adhesion request will be shared with the members of the NEREUS-Management Board for approval (two weeks)
  6. Once approved you will be invited to pay the annual membership fee
  7. Upon receipt of the annual membership fee the NEREUS-secretariat will provide you with a confirmation letter that gives you member status and you have access to all NEREUS activities!

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