The integration of Satellite Data in local and regional SDIs (Spatial Data Infrastructures) is of strategic importance and with great potential to support government and decision making at sub-national level. European Earth Observation System Copernicus can in fact be a disruptive source of knowledge to improve territorial and environmental management, efficient use of natural resources and delivery of effective public policies and services to citizens. However, due to the lack of competences – at organisational and individual level, as well as low awareness among political decision makers, the uptake of existing satellite data and services is challenging, and their integration in added-value services for local and regional administrations (LRAs) is far from optimal. The SATSDIFACTION project aims to address exactly this issue, promoting the exchange and transfer of experiences related to the use of Satellite Data in local and regional Spatial Data Infrastructures as a means to improve the performances of regional policy instruments in a number of different fields. NEREUS leads the communication and outreach strategy and ensures the sustainability of the initiative beyond the project duration. Download the brochure link. Website: Linkedin:


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