CoRdiNet participates at GI_Forum 2020 virtual conference


CoRdiNet participated at this year’s GI_Forum, which was held as a virtual conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme of GI_Forum 2020 was “connecting spatially” about how Geoinformatics as a method became a key discipline of digitalization in all spheres of our daily lives.


CoRdiNet partners- NEREUS was represented by Roya Ayazi, Secretary-General- participated in the session “Round Table – EO in action: connecting academia, businesses and administrations” chaired by Peter Zeil. The session included presentations of both the CopHub.AC and CoRdiNet projects, as well as a roundtable discussion featuring representatives from both projects.


The presentations provided an overview of the Copernicus Academies and Copernicus Relays role in the Copernicus Ecosystem, as well as some examples of activities and aims and scope of the two projects. This was further elaborated during the roundtable discussion, where representatives from the two projects discussed the role of Academies and Relays in fostering and facilitating digitalization across Europe utilizing Earth Observation data and also provided their thoughts on their future roles.


A recording of the full session, including the presentations of both network projects and the following roundtable discussion can be found here


The presentation of some of the CoRdiNet activities can also be found on the project’s youtube channel here




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