Round Table on EO/GMES

Tuesday, 08 June 2010, 11.20h

Co-chairs Prof. Alan Wells and Sonia Nicolau led through the debate and introduced the “25 Uses of GMES in the NEREUS Regions”-publication and the objectives of a broad campaign at regional and national and European level. After an overview of the group’s activities since its launch in March 2009, the discussion centered around two questions:


What can NEREUS do for public sector bodies and regional policy makers that they cannot do themselves? What can NEREUS do for enterprises that they cannot do themselves? For more information, please refer to concept paper and power point presentation


Different regional actors from Lombardy, Midi/P and Bremen gave their views on these questions and highlighted that more information on resources, costs, tools and how to analyse data is needed. Paola Carrara from Lombardy Region and Silvano De Zorzi (Veneto Region) contributed their experiences following the mapping of capabilities in the land domain. Apart from that Alain Podaire made an intervention on marine services.   For more information see their power point presentation


According to the representative of the European Commission regions are important partners regarding GMES. In his statement he highlighted three challenges that need to be addressed:


  • GMES needs an approbation mechanism of a real world, following a bottom up approach
  • GMES Services and downstream sector have to be linked  – core GMES-services should not be in competition with the downstream sector
  • Different player have to share responsibility and GMES needs to respond to needs at different levels


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