International Conference “Data Flow From Space to Earth”

From 21-23 March 2011, in the picturesque setting of Palazzo Franchetti, property of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti, in the heart of Venice, CORILA organized the International Conference “Data Flow from Space to Earth: Applications and Interoperability”.


The aim of the Conference was to promote the development and the better use of space applications focusing in particular on Earth Observation, GMES and GNSS applications.


Organized in a series of plenary and parallel sessions, the conference gave the opportunity to members of European Institutions, regional representatives and stakeholders to discuss on the data provided by satellites, related both to Earth Observation and to Navigation Systems with emphasis on their inclusion in the Spatial Data Infrastructure.


On this occasion, the NEREUS GNSS WG had the opportunity to present its latest outcome the “Satellite Navigation applications in the NEREUS Regions” publication. The brochure which is a collection of 23 examples of GNSS applications in our member regions has the intent to demonstrate the concrete benefits for the citizens offered by the growing use of the regional use of satellite navigation systems and to advise policy makers, representatives of the EU institutions and public opinion on the opportunities offered by this applications. the publication received very good feedback from all the participants.


The NEREUS Secretariat participated at the event. On 22 March on the occasion of the Pleanary session Ms Roya Ayazi, NEREUS Secretary General, presented the network to the participants: “NEREUS – spreading the use of space technologies on Earth for the benefits of regions and their citizens” and chaired the parallel session “The role of EU regions and regional end users for exploitation of space data”. During the three day conference, an information stand was also organized for NEREUS.


More information regarding the event and the video of the speakers’ presentations are available here.


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