European Seminar on “Technologies from Space Exploration”

European Seminar on “Technologies from Space Exploration”

18-19 October 2011 in Turin, Italy

Executive Summary

Comprehensive Report


More than 180 participants from about 30 organizations from 10 European regions attended the event which aimed at raising awareness of the Space Exploration programmes and technologies for the benefits of European citizens. Hosted by NEREUS-Associate member ALTEC SpA, on its premises in Piedmont the seminar was organized by Piedmont Region and NEREUS in collaboration with Thales Alenia Space.


The contributions by the invited speakers but also the poster presentations illustrated the wide array of direct and indirect outcomes of space exploration. The discussions that followed the interventions linked space exploration to numerous societal and economic topics.


The political session brought together representatives of the European, national and regional level who all underlined the strategic importance of the space sector for boosting economy.


A round table discussion on the vision and strategies for Space Exploration in Europe moderated by the Italian RAI journalist S. Rosa Brusin followed the political session. Although the future of the space exploration policy is not yet defined the panel expressed clearly a common interest and a strong willingness to intensify the interstate collaboration. The highlight of the day was the emotional testimony of Paolo Nespoli’s last flight to the International Space Station (ISS). The Italian astronaut surprised the participants with many extraordinary and beautiful photos of the Earth and of the Universe taken from the ISS.


The regions and their user needs with respect to space exploration were in the centre of the second day session. Many examples of spin-offs technologies from space exploration such as the Mini Gamma Ray Camera which provide technologies suited to surgical procedures as well as presentation from already existing space exploration centres (Exploratoria) such as the Cité de l’espace Edutainment Theme Park in Toulouse and the astronomical park Infini.To in Turin, illustrated direct and indirect outcomes of exploration activities.


Piero Messidoro, Thales Alenia Space made the Seminar conclusions and perspectives thanking all the participants for two intensive and fruitful days of ideas, experiences and knowledge exchange.




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