All regions in the consortium of DORIS_Net are members of NEREUS. Lombardia, Bremen, East Midlands, Midi-Pyrenees/Aquitaine, Azores as well as the associate member Capital HighTech participate as core partners of the consortium. Further to this Basilicata, Bruxelles Capital, Castilla Y Leon, Madrid, Baden-Württemberg, Bretagne, French Guyana are involved in the project as fast track partners. Additionally seven outreach regions (Kurzeme region (Latvia), Tartu (Estonia), Finnish Environment Institute (Finland), Cork (Ireland), Madeira (Portugal), Debrecen Innova (Hungary), Provence Cote d‟Azur (France)) are associated to the DORIS_Net initiative by a letter of intend without being part of the consortium.


The consortia structure is characterized by three levels of participation in order to ensure a broad geographical and thematical coverage


  • Core partners,
  • Fast Track Partners,
  • Outreach Regions


Core partner participation


Core partner are contractual partners within the consortium and participate in the Management Board of the project. All Fast Track partners have a Core Partner as Mentor in order to discuss and implement their activities. Whilst outreach regions are not contractual partners they will be targeted via dedicated measures led by one core partner who “coaches/ tutors” the outreach region.


In detail:


Core partner:


1. CNR IREA, Lombardy, acting with mandate from both Lombardy and Basilicata regions based on a mutual agreement (Italy)

2. University of Leicester with its G-STEP initiative, East Midlands region (UK)

3. CETE, Midi Pyrenees + Aquitaine regions (France)

4. Secretaria Regional da Ciência, Tecnologia e Equipamentos.(The Secretary of Science Technology and Equipments, Azores region (Portugal)

5. CEON, Bremen region (Germany)

6. CHT, although not a region, has cross cutting functions (France)


Fast track partner:

1. TERN, Basilicata (Italy)

2. Research in Brussels, Brussels Capital (Belgium)

3. Fundacion ADEuropa, Castilla Y Leon (Spain)

4. MPAE, Madrid (Spain)

5. LRBW, Baden Würtemberg (Germany)

6. Pole Mer Bretagne (France)

7. Guyane Technopole, French Guyana (France)


Outreach region participation

1. VHTP, Ventspils/ Kurzeme region (Latvia), “tutored” by CEON

2. Tartu Observatory, Tartu (Estonia) “tutored” by CEON

3. Finnish Environment Institute (Finland) “tutored” by CEON

4. CMRC, Cork (Ireland) “tutored” by ULEIC

5. Secretario Regional do Equipamento Social, Madeira (Portugal) “tutored” by SRCTE

6. Észak-Alföldi, Debrecen Innova (Hungary), “tutored” by CNR-IREA/ TERN 7. Pole Mer Provence Cote d‟Azur (France) “tutored” by CETE


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