Workshop on Commercialization & Utilization of Space Exploration Technologies

With the European Space Agency’s Space 4.0 strategy, new opportunities are emerging in the global New Space landscape. The International Space Exploration Coordination Group proposes the establishment of a Deep Space Gateway, a project led by NASA and embraced by European member states. Planetary science missions to the inner and outer solar systems present new exploration challenges. The use of space exploration technologies offers opportunities for exploiting resources from the moon, Mars, and asteroids and provide services for the benefit of exploration missions as well as for removing debris. The technology transfer from space exploration to non-space sectors is becoming increasingly important. Partnerships between businesses, academia, and industry as well as between nations in a healthy and competitive environment will be an important asset to make Space 4.0 or New Space a true success.


NEREUS and its Working Group on Technologies from Space Exploration organize the workshop to identify successful business ideas and innovative concepts demonstrating the benefits of the utilization, direct commercialization and indirect exploitation of space exploration outcomes.


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Hosted by ALTEC – Corso Marche 79, Torino (I)

15 March 2018, 15:00 h

Political Session 

Welcome addresses

  • Piedmont Region, V.Zezza (Director of Sector for Research Innovation and University)
  • NEREUS, R.Ayazi (Secretary General)


Keynote video by ESA: J. Woerner, ESA DG


Technical Pitches: Session I


  • NEREUS WG Exploration Co-Chair, L.Gatti (Thales Alenia Space)

Technical Pitches

  • EDEN ISS R.U.C.O.L.A. – Rack-like Unit for Consistent on-Orbit Leafy crops Availability, Boscheri (Thales Alenia Space Italia, Piedmont, IT)
  • Fast and direct access to microgravity research, Donati (Kayser, Tuscany, IT)
  • BIOWYSE – Bio contamination Integrated Control of Wet Systems for Space Exploration, Guarnieri (Thales Alenia Space, Piedmont, IT)
  • Space Pharma – remotely controlled lab, Kamoun (Giura, CH)
  • Manufacture cable harness to create a flexible and/or roll-able device, Lemson (Thales Group, Twente, NL)
  • Passive thermal solutions for manned space modules, Lepore (Argotec, Piedmont, IT)
  • Portable on Orbit Printer 3D: 1st European additive manufacturing machine on ISS, Musso (Thales Alenia, Piedmont, IT)
  • Innovative anti-bacteria fabric for astronaut clothes, Ravagnolo (Altec, Piedmont, IT)
  • Setting up an Italian Spaceport and a suborbital spaceflight initiative for space tourism and microgravity experimentation, Santoro (Altec, IT)
  • ICE Cubes establishing a fast track and affordable service for experiments to access space, Stenuit (Space Applications, Brussels, BE)
  • Touch Virtual Reality, Vezzoli (Go Touch VR, Hauts-deFrance, FR)
  • PIUME – Portable Independent Utilities and Modules for Extreme conditions, E. Zeminiani (Thales Alenia Space, Piedmont, IT)


Interactive vote by the audience 

moderated by V. La Regina (European Space Agency)


16:45 – 17:00 h                Coffee Break (sponsored by Nereus)



The Commercial Paradigm in Space Exploration

moderated by NEREUS WG Exploration Co-Chair, L.Gatti (Thales Alenia Space)


16:45 – 17:00 h                END


16 March 2018, 08:30 h

  • Welcome by ALTEC, A. Ciampolini
  • Keynote video by ESA, D. Parker, Director Human and Robotic Exploration Programmes
  • Video Destination Low Orbit


Political Session

The Regional dimension of Space Exploration 

moderated by R.Ayazi, NEREUS Secretary-General

  • Host Piedmont Region  G. De Santis
  • MEP / Regional Development Committee M. Bresso
  • DTA-ARTI, Fiorella Coliolo


Keynote speech by ESA, L. del Monte, ESA Head of Space Economy


Roundtable on Vision and Strategies for Space Exploration 4.0 in Europe 

moderated by P. Messidoro, NEREUS Space Exploration WG Chair


11:00 – 11:15 h                Coffee Break (sponsored by Thales Alenia Space)



  • NEREUS WG Exploration Co-Chair, Richard Ambrosi (University of Leicester)

Technical Pitches


Interactive vote by the audience 

moderated by V. La Regina (European Space Agency)

  • RESILIENCE: REcovery of Small satellIte pLatforms for scIEtific purposes by Net CapturE, Chiesa (Aviospace, Piedmont, IT)
  • Energy harvesting platform for remote monitoring networks, Iacchetti (Ribes Tech, Lombardy, IT)
  • Space Rider, Massobrio (Thales Alenia Space, Piedmont, IT)
  • High Power Electric Propulsion Systems for Space Exploration, Misuri (Sitael, Apulia, IT)
  • HYPLANE: The Future of Sub-orbital Space Access is Today, Russo (Center for Near Space, Campania, IT)
  • ORBITECTURE: Study of a Multifunctional SpaceHub, Russo (Center for Near Space, Campania, IT)
  • Space Park Leicester – A Cluster for a Growing Global Space Sector – Transforming Commercial and Scientific Space Sector Challenges, Wells (University of Leicester, East Midlands, UK)


12:30 – 12:45 h               

Conclusions and perspectives

  • by NEREUS WG Exploration Co-Chair, Richard Ambrosi (University of Leicester)


12:45h                                   End of Workshop




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