MARINE-EO Call for Tenders | Present your offer to bridge innovative EO enabled services for integrated maritime environment, surveillance and industry

The MARINE-EO Request for Tenders invites all interested parties to present their offers to bridging innovative downstream earth observation and Copernicus enabled services for integrated maritime environment, surveillance and security.


The total budget for the PCP is 2.769.106€ (VAT excluded)


The aim of Marine-EO procurement is to develop, test and validate a bundle of innovative EO downstream services bringing incremental or radical innovations in the field of maritime awareness leveraging on the existing Copernicus Services (i.e. CMEMS, Security) and other products from the Copernicus portfolio. In addition, a series of “support” services will standardize the way that EO is used for maritime awareness with regards to operational, technological, semantic and legal interoperability issues. The Marine-EO procurement seeks to cover the sea-basins of Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Arctic, by adapting Copernicus data and information in order to meet the demand of the buyers group.


The innovative EO downstream services are divided in two thematic areas that contractors can submit their offers on:

  • Thematic Area 1 SATOCEAN: Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring and Climate Change
  • Thematic Area 2 SATSURVEILLANCE: Copernicus Security


Participation in the tendering procedure is open on equal terms to all types of operators from any country, regardless of their geographic location, size or governance structure.


Proposals may be submitted by a single entity or in collaboration with others. The latter can involve either submitting a joint tender or subcontracting, or a combination of the two approaches.


The Deadline to submit a proposal is the 9th of April 2018, 23:59 CET.


3 February 2018 | Tender Publication
9 April 2018 | Tender Submission Deadline, 23:59 CET
18 June 2018 | Start of phase 1 Solution Design
16 November 2018 | Start of phase 2 Prototype
16 August 2019 | Start of phase 3 Original development and validation and testing of a limited set of first
products or services.
15 September 2020 | End of phase 3


Lead Procurer Organization
Directorate General for Maritime Policy (DGPM)
Contact Person for Tender: Sandra Silva
Proposals submission & General information: here


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