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 Regional anchorage is crucial to a European network of regions and feeds from the members’ proactiveness and willingness to organize initiatives targeting the local stakeholders. One of the pillars of NEREUS’ activities lies on interregional collaboration, which means that getting to know who the players on the ground are lies at the heart of its strategy. 


 On April 24th, NEREUS was invited by AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine to take part in the workshop on “Matinée Espace, Numérique et Transition Ecologique”. This event was organised in partnership with the clusters Aerospace Valley (Occitanie Region) and Digital Aquitaine (Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region), in the frame of the Booster Nova initiative, and is supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.


The main objective of this event was to raise awareness among the Nouvelle-Aquitaine ecosystem of digital and green companies on the potential uses of spatial data and to stimulate new projects and cooperations. Two roundtables were organised: one dedicated to space and big data, the other to the benefits of using space data to face climate and environmental challenges on the territory of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


The targeted audience was the regional ecosystem: NEREUS was asked to strengthen the European dimension of the conference by broadening the perspective and giving insight on good practices tested in other places of Europe. NEREUS Secretary-General, Ms. Roya Ayazi attended the event and shared experiences led by other NEREUS member regions as well as showcasing how regional players are increasingly using space data for public policy purposes. 


AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine is an approved aerospace training campus. It is the only one of its kind in Europe as it offers all training courses for all levels and all types of students. AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine provides initial training, from Bac professionnel (vocational A-levels) to BTS (advanced vocational training certificate), either through educational training or apprenticeship, and continuing vocational training in aircraft maintenance.


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