EO4GEO | Matching the gap between the supply and demand of skills in the space/geospatial sector

Technological progress and globalization offer tremendous opportunities for innovation, growth, and jobs.


However, these developments require specific skills for people who are able to drive and support change.


To tackle this skills mismatch, the European Commission has launched a Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills in 5 industry sectors, and space is one of them. EO4GEO is the project selected by the European Commission in this field, and is funded under the Erasmus Plus programme.


Link to the website: www.eo4geo.eu


NEREUS is part of the successful consortia of 26 core partners and 22 associates that will work for 4 years to the definition of a long-term sectoral skills strategy for the space/geospatial sectors. NEREUS leads the Work Package on Communication and Dissemination.


What can you expect?

  • a long-term and sustainable sectoral skills strategy to fill the gap between the supply of and the demand for space/geospatial education and training, which takes into account the current and expected technological and non-technological developments in the space/geospatial and related sectors (e.g. ICT).
  • the creation and maintenance of an ontology-based Body of Knowledge for the space/geospatial sector based on previous efforts;
  • the development of a collaborative online platform with associated training tools;
  • a series of curricula and a rich portfolio of training modules directly usable in the context of Copernicus (www.copernicus.eu) and other relevant programmes
  • a series of training actions for a selected set of scenario’s in 3 sub-sectors – integrated applications, smart cities and climate change to test and validate the approach.
  • a long-term Action Plan to roll-out and sustain the proposed solutions.


Copernicus Erasmus Plus EO4GEO Sectoral Skills Strategy Earth Observation

The partners of the EO4GEO consortia at the kick-off meeting in Milan, 15-16 January 2018




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