Brussels, BE | Workshop on Copernicus for Public Authorities

The potential of data and information continually made available by the Copernicus ecosystem is enormous. Commercial stakeholders are hard at work to adapt to this new offer. Other potential user communities have yet to discover the potential of Copernicus in their domains or have to find ways to translate the opportunities into useful applications. Together with EU countries and Copernicus participating countries, the European Commission aims to tap into this potential with an awareness and user uptake programme to realize the related economic and societal benefits.


With over a decade of experience in the awareness and understanding of the benefits of space for EU regions and their citizens, NEREUS has been invited to give an intervention at the workshop con “Copernicus for Public Authorities“, organized by the European Commission in Brussels on Monday 23rd April 2018.


NEREUS will provide the audience with a general overview of Copernicus uptake by regional stakeholders, with insights on the situation at the regional level, the roadblocks to Copernicus deployment, successful approaches to stimulate uptake, the value of interregional collaboration, linkages of Copernicus-uptake with regional policies (space in S3-strategies).


The presentation will be given by Ms. Roya Ayazi, Secretary-General, and will feed into concrete examples from NEREUS member regions.


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