The Copernicus Relays & Copernicus Academy General Assembly is taking place in Brussels

Back-to-back to the Copernicus Ecosystem Workshop (9-10 October), the European Commission is organizing the annual General Assembly of the Copernicus Relays and Academies. The members of these Copernicus Networks, have been actively engaging in Copernicus-activities, organising awareness-raising and skill-enhancing events as well as being dynamic local ambassadors of the Copernicus programme.

To celebrate the achievements of the Networks during the past year, as well as to look into the future and further developments, all representatives of the Copernicus Relays and members of the Copernicus Academy are invited to get together to reflect, learn, network, and discover. Interactive sessions, informative workshops, presentations by high-level Copernicus team members, an information market, informal networking opportunities are just some of the activities have been prepared for the participants.

The event is by invitation only and reserved for members of the Copernicus Networks and guests of the European Commission.

As NEREUS, we fully support our network members that have been selected as Copernicus Relays and Academies to attend and further network together.




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