Presentation of CoRdiNet activities

CoRdiNet (Copernicus Relays for Digitalization Network ) is an open network of five very diverse Copernicus Relays funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme.


More specifically, the project is focused on enhancing on digitalization and new business solutions based on Earth observation data from the Copernicus project (learn more here). Three Relays have a regional focus (Basilicata, Bavaria, East Midlands), one a national focus (Norway), while the fifth contributes the expertise of a space application company, GMV.


As a CoRdiNet associate partner, you will have the opportunity to better understand the Earth observation-related strengths and needs of your region, create better regional strategies and policies related to Copernicus data, inform and train your public administrations and get them engaged in using Copernicus data.


In that perspective, CoRdiNet will organize joint outreach and dissemination activities, bilateral events. CoRdiNet enjoys support of Companies, the Caroline Herschel Framework Partnership Agreement, the Copernicus Support Office, our Copernicus Academies partner CopHub.AC, and 6 external regions.


NEREUS, as sixth partner comprises 26 regions and is active in exploiting the benefits of space technologies while supporting European regional space policies. In this frame, NEREUS has a coordinating role with respect to the project funds for associated partners (see here).


Important information:


What is CoRdiNet: website and leaflet 


What is a Copernicus-Relay:


Copernicus-Relay Network


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