Space policy for a sustainable economy : Council adopts conclusions

On Thursday 4 June, the Council adopted a set of conclusions on its space policy “Space for a sustainable Europe” underlying the importance of European space data, services, and technologies for the development of skills, technologies, and services.


These data and services will help Europe to become a global leader in the transition to a sustainable world, tackling challenges such as climate change, ecosystem degradation, health crises, food security, and migration as well as preserving the functioning of natural ecosystems, for the benefit of future generations.


In the framework of Green Deal, the Council invites the Commission to develop an in-depth analysis of the European New Space current landscape and future perspectives and its contribution to the EU economy.


Further to this, it highlights the importance of the active involvement of supporting member states with emerging space performances, so as to identify the full potential of the EU space economy. 


To read the full article and download the conclusions, please click here.


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