Webinar: Mobile Exhibitions in regions “Space Girls Space Women” and “Space for a Sustainable World” on Wednesday, 07th October 2020, 14.00 CEST

NEREUS organises a dedicated web session to present its flagship projects “Space Girls Space Women” and “Space for a Sustainable World” on Wednesday, 07th October 2020, at 14.00 CEST! The Network is pleased to host and interview the co-creators of these initiatives, Ms Fiorella Coliolo and Mr. Benoit Delplanque.


-> Registration is free and obligatory (link). As places are limited, please note that priority and preference are given to NEREUS Members and you will be notified in due time if your participation in the event has been accepted.


The “Space Girls Space Women exhibition by SIPA PRESS aims at showcasing the broad range of opportunities in the space sector. NEREUS members shared the mobile exposition as a joint European infrastructure that toured through different member regions. Each member region built its own event around it and had the opportunity to experience an international initiative in its own territory together with its own stakeholder community. More information here (link). The project, addressing students, girls and women served also a source of inspiration for this important target group and as an incentive to stimulate projects and initiatives around STEM and gender dimensions.


Bearing in mind the positive experience of the first exhibition NEREUS decided this May to become again a sponsoring partner to the new exhibition “Space for a Sustainable World”. The web-session will also introduce this new initiative and give an outlook on the next steps. NEREUS-partners will again share the exhibition as a common infrastructure and will be invited to showcase in their region.


Other important info: 



  • Updating members about the work in the area of promoting space at the regional level and public outreach and next steps;
  • Sharing experiences and explaining the benefits of both initiatives for members;
  • Networking and mobilizing interregional collaborations;


Time duration: 45 min. – 1h


Target group:    NEREUS-members interested in space promotion and public outreach, regions who hosted the exhibition “Space Girls Space Women”, all NEREUS-members interested in an up-date on “Space for Sustainability” to which NEREUS is a sponsoring partner; regions interested to host the future exposition “Space for Sustainability”.


Download here the draft programme (link).


About the Authors of the Exhibition: Benoit Delplanque and Fiorella Coliolo

Benoit Delplanque and Fiorella Coliolo devised the Space Girls Space Women project in 2013, an exhibition that presents portraits of girls and women fascinated by space. Through their testimonies as engineers, technicians, researchers, students and pupils, the exhibition expresses a broader ambition for space exploration. Inaugurated in 2015 at the Musée des Arts et Métiers and the Observatoire de Paris, Space Girls Space Women has toured more than 20 cities Europe thanks to the support of partners like ESA (the founding partner), ASI, CNES,  the NEREUS network, GSA, Cité de l’Espace, and Universcience. Space Girls Space Women also enjoyed extensive media coverage on radio, TV, press and digital platforms.

Co-author of Space Girls Space Women, Benoit Delplanque has created international-scale multimedia exhibitions like Journeys To School, UNESCO Green Citizens, Pathfinders for Change or Education Transforms Lives for UNESCO. He created TIMKAT in 2007, a production unit specialising in the design and creation of multimedia stories and exhibitions relating to society.


Co-author of Space Girls Space Women, Fiorella Coliolo is an astronomer by training with strong experience in communication and education. Fiorella is currently involved in several projects with the DTA and in research activities for the Italian Space Agency on the topic “Space For SDGs3” with a particular focus on Diversity and Inclusiviness (D&I). Fiorella has worked on many international exhibitions involving different actors: ESA, national space agencies, industries, European scientific institutions and museums. Fiorella is currently involved in  research activities for the Italian Space Agency on the topic “Space For SDGs3” with a particular focus on Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I). She believes that it is fundamental to continue to foster D&I in the workplace to undertake innovative space projects and to engage the next generation of scientists.




This webinar is part of the NEREUS web-sessions series that will focus on the presentation of all projects (Copernicus4Regions, EO4GEO, CoRdiNet, IMPRESSIVE, Space Girls Space Women) that the Network currently implements. The purpose of these webinars is to showcase the important role of regions in EU initiatives related to the use of space.


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