Remote NEREUS General Assembly 25 November 2020: We are going digital!

We are pleased to inform you that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NEREUS will organize a remote General Assembly for its members that will take place on Wednesday 25 November, from 10:00-12:00 am!


You can download the agenda here  (link).


This digital event will provide an overview of the Network’s activities for 2019-2020 and focus on taking decisions on statutory matters (Approval of the Accounts 2019; Approval Budget 2021; Confirmation NEREUS‐membership‐fees 2021; Adoption New Memberships/Exclusion and Discharge of NEREUS‐Management Board for the year 2019. These decisions are legally mandatory and required to be taken within the current year by Belgian law for aisbl.).


Register here by Friday 20 November 2020 (registration is mandatory and free of charge- priority is given to NEREUS Members).
Online registration is a prerequisite to get information on how to connect to the cal.


The General Assembly is convened once a year and represents all NEREUS Full and Associate Members. It is the key decision-making body and supreme power of the organisation. Read more here.  You can also find more information about our Management Board and their connection with space regional matters here.


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