Atlantic Regional Initiative – Topic A3 Atlantic Cities

The Atlantic Regional Initiative Topic 3: Cities and Ports (ARIA3) proposes integrated smart solutions for Atlantic cities, ports and the ocean. It targets services on 3 sub-topics such as 1) climate resilience, support authorities to take appropriate actions to prevent or mitigate coastal disasters; 2) support to sustainability for Atlantic cities and ports and 3) protecting the Ocean, ensuring the good environmental status and litter‐free ocean.


The main technical objectives of the project are the development, delivery to the end-user community and respective impact assessment of an agreed number of customised Earth Observation-based information services to support decision making processes by local stakeholders in the Atlantic Region. The system will be developed and deployed on the service4EO DEIMOS solution, installed in a cloud infrastructure such as the Copernicus DIAS.


The project, which initiated on August 30th, 2020, is developed by a consortium led by Elecnor DEIMOS and comprehends Planetek Italia SRL., Climate Impact LLC, University of the Aegean’s Marine Remote Sensing Group (MRSG), Instituto Hidrográfico and The Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR Centre).


The proposed project shall be carried out by a consortium of companies (DEIMOS, PLANETEK ITALIA,) supported by a renowned research institution in the Marine area (Marine Remote Sensing Group, University of Aegean), and an international reference Atlantic institution for Atlantic research (AIR‐Centre) and The Hydrographic Institute (IH). Two consortia partners are closely linked with the NEREUS‐network: The AIR‐Centre is an important stakeholder of the NEREUS‐member region the Azores and PLANETEK Italia is a leading company in the NEREUS‐member region Apulia.


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The Maritime domain is one of the key areas of the network cooperation and 18 out of 23 member regions are coastal regions or islands. Three-member regions of the network are based at the Atlantic (Brittany, Nouvelle Aquitaine and Azores) but several regions work also on related topics and harbour management (e.g. Bremen, Apulia etc.)


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