4th of February 2021 at 14:00h -Evolution of the access to spatial data for environmental purposes – Study presentation

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has carried out a study aimed at obtaining evidence on how the access and use of spatial data have evolved over the last decade. In this regard, a survey was conducted, to obtain evidence on how different stakeholders are making use of spatial data and the problems they are facing in finding, accessing and using these data.


In this webinar, the first results and findings of the survey will be presented together with the key conclusions and observations that have emerged from the survey with other experts and stakeholders, and will give the attendants the opportunity to comment and discuss the findings.


In particular, this webinar will provide you with insights on:


  • Trends and developments in the use of spatial datafor environmental purposes
  • Key challenges in discovering, accessing, using and sharing spatial dataand their impact on work processes of organisations
  • The impact of initiatives such as INSPIRE, the Open Data Directive and the Copernicus programme on the access and use of data for environmental purposes
  • Important differences in the experiences, approaches and opinions with regard to the access and use of spatial databetween various stakeholder groups
  • Stakeholders’ perceptions and opinions on the European Data Strategy and the Common European Green Deal data space and the role that Spatial Datainfrastructures could play in this scenario.


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