Online Breakfast With The Commission on 24/03

Commissioner Thierry Breton at the 13th European Space Conference, 12th January 2021, announced that Europe should be “THE hub of space entrepreneurship in the world” and that 1bn of the European Space Fund will be used to boost start-ups and innovation. In this regard, regions are expected to play a prominent role in the implementation of this strategy.


In this context, as NEREUS we are committed once again to be at the forefront of helping you to explore the new opportunities arising from this new and promising European initiative. Therefore, we are organising for our members an Online Breakfast meeting with the Commission on Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 10:00-12:00. The webinar will be dedicated to Space Entrepreneurship and connectivity with key speakers from the European Commission:


  • Mr. Tomas Jonsson and Ms. Maria Vittoria d’Inzeo will talk on the vision of the Commission on Space Entrepreneurship;
  • Mr. Stefano Scarda will talk about Connectivity: secure digital connections for the future.


Members will have the opportunity to get more information on how to enhance space entrepreneurship through this initiative at the local and regional levels. Read more information about Cassini, the European Commission’s space entrepreneurship initiative here (link).


The webinar is inclusive only for NEREUS members.


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