EO4GEO Webinar: A new Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) based on Copernicus programme and EO4GEO tools- 28 April 10.00-11.30

The webinar aims to promote the new opportunities offered by the Copernicus Programme in dealing with the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) addressing farmers, farmers’ organizations and citizens interested in the development of the future workforce in the sector and in Earth Observation/Geospatial applications in general. Please click here to register (link).


NEREUS is one of the partners of the EU-funded project EO4GEO. The main objective of the project is to bridge the skills and education gap in the EO/GI sector through an ecosystem of tools and training materials especially relevant for implementation and roll-out at the national and regional levels. Therefore, it is key for NEREUS members to participate in the aforementioned webinar and provide their feedback to mchrysaki.nereus@euroinbox.com


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