10 open positions at ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence of CUT, deadline 14 May 2021

The ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence (ECoE) (www.eratosthenes.org.cy) of the Cyprus University of Technology (www.cut.ac.cy)  invites applications for 10 positions of Researchers at the ERATOSTHENES CoE. For further information please check here: https://eratosthenes.org.cy/open-positions/



The positions are open either on a full -time (100%) or part-time employment basis. The positions are open to everyone internationally in the framework of the EU-H2020 “EXCELSIOR” project (Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment; https://excelsior2020.eu/ ; TEAMING Grant no. 857510). Through this project, the Cyprus University of Technology is establishing the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence in Space Technology, Earth Observation and Geospatial Technology in the EMMENA (Eastern Mediterranean Middle East North Africa) region, in cooperation with the Department of Electronic Communications (DEC) from the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (Cyprus) and with EU advanced Partners the German Aerospace Centre (DLR, Germany), TROPOS (Germany) and the National Observatory of Athens (NOA-Greece).



The ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence is an autonomous Centre of Excellence with Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) (NEREUS Associate member) as its sole stakeholder, aiming to become a viable, sustainable Centre of Excellence on earth observation, space technology and geospatial analysis. CUT has a 13-year of experience in earth observations and geospatial analysis. Through the “EXCELSIOR” H2020 Teaming Project (2019-2026), the ERATOSTHENES CoE aspires to become an excellent Digital Innovation Hub for Earth Observation and Geospatial Information by offering education, responsible research, open innovation and application services capable of sustaining Cyprus’ development.


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