“Space for our Planet” exhibition in Paris (5 October 2021)

In the week of the science,  the photo exhibition Space for Our Planet took place in the park of the Paris observatory on 05th October 2021. The exhibition runs in parallel to the exhibition in Brussels at the Esplanade of the European Parliament and it will be open till the 15th of November 2021. Regions can now bring the exposition to their regions/territories.


The creators, Fiorella Coliolo ( EXOWORLD) and Benoît Delplanque (Timkat) presented the photo exhibition outdoors to the invited speakers and guests. Then the opening ceremony took place in the big hall of the Paris observatory that was founded in 1667. The invited speakers included Fabienne Casoli, the president of the Paris observatory, representatives of the sponsoring partners and representatives portrayed in the exhibition sharing their stories.


On this occasion, Ms Roya Ayazi, NEREUS Secretary-General reprinted the Network and together with other sponsors of the exhibition (Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, (CNES, Director for Sustainable Development), Frédéric Nordlund, ESA, Head of External Relations Department, Veronica Cesco, UNOOSA) intervened and highlighted their view on the exhibition and why their organisations had decided to support this initiative.


Special statements were given by invited speakers portrayed in the exhibition. Marie Korsaga, the first East-African Astrophysicist based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso portrayed in 5 SDG intervened on gender equality,  Marina Levy, Oceanographer at the Research Institute for Development spoke on the study about the ocean colour being monitored by space (SDG 14), Iphigenia Keramitsoglou, Research Director National Observatory of Athens, portrayed in the context of SDG 6- Wasser shared her experience on monitoring the water regime of wetlands from Space to protect water ecosystems, Robert Pearson, (SDG 16 – peace) explained how satellite and Earth observation techniques contribute to clear minefields more efficiently.


To this end, 22 student eco-ambassadors from a high school based in Montfermeil attended the opening ceremony who had worked with their teacher Virginie Blanc on the sustainable development goals and developed a set of 17 posters for the development goals. NEREUS will link this initiative with its members from the satellites and schools group.




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