Follow-up of the Copernicus4regions webinar “How Copernicus helps Europe’s regions to support biodiversity and environmental protection”

On the 26th of October 2021, NEREUS together with the European Commission and the European Space Agency organised the 3rd Copernicus4regions webinar: “How Copernicus helps Europe’s regions to support biodiversity and environmental protection” as part of a series of 5 online events. The objective of the webinar was to engage in a debate on the dimension of Copernicus for the Green Deal and the development of sustainable practices related to biodiversity and environment protection.


Sharing their individual experiences and views, public users from different parts of Europe (Stefan Lang (Salzburg, Austria), Richard Lucas, (Europe), Stefan Feigenspan, (Berlin, Germany), Ramon Riera Tatché, Anna Tardà Lleget, Jordi Corbera Simon (Catalonia, Spain) presented their use cases and engaged in an intensive discussion with the audience on relevant matters such as how the information on biodiversity is used in regions, etc.


Further, the debate was enriched by the impulse statements of Isabel Carvalhais (Member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and Member of the Committee on Fisheries) and Niklas Nienass (Member of the Committee on Regional Development). The politicians emphasized the necessity to use Copernicus in regions to save natural ecosystems from degradation and support the long-term sustainability of agriculture. Moreover, they showcased Copernicus as an indispensable tool to contribute to the goals of the European Green Deal and called for support from the European Union.





The webinar was moderated by Hannah Mowat, Campaigns Coordinator, FERN (Forests and the European Union Resource Network) and it was open to the public for questions.



Click here to watch the individual use cases and the politicians’ statements (link). Watch here the full webinar:




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