EO4GEO Sector Skills Strategy released!

The EO4GEO Alliance is pleased to present you the Space/Geoinformation sector Skills Strategy report.


This high level and strategic document proposes a vision & mission and defines the goals that will guide the definition of a long-term action plan to address the skills needed by the sector.


The Space/ Geoinformation Sector Skills Strategy is a mechanism for leadership aiming to develop the capacity and skills on Earth Observation and Geoinformation by fostering the uptake and integration of Copernicus data and services in end-user applications.


It identifies 8 goals that are used as a basis for the definition of a long -term action plan (LTAP) to address the EO*GI skills needed by the sector. The strategy proposes skills development recommendations to unleash students’ and workers’ potential to become the EO*GI sector’s innovators of tomorrow and link with adopters in other industry end-user sectors (agriculture, energy, transport, local government, maritime, etc.).


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