Women in Copernicus needs your support : survey and diffusion

In 2020, the “Women in Copernicus” project (link) aims at identifying opportunities and obstacles in the paths of these women, and also to inspire girls and women by bringing Women in Copernicus to the forefront of Copernicus.


The first survey of Women in Copernicus gathered more than 400 participants. While the 2020 survey put some light on the numerous active women in Copernicus, it addressed gender issues for the women side.


To complete this analysis, the team just launched a 2.0 survey The survey 2.0 is available in 8 languages and will be open until the end of January.


In this version, they would like to involve men but also increase the Copernicus coverage map to give a voice to all Copernicus projects outside of EU. This survey aims at providing a better understanding of the overall situation of people working in Copernicus with regard to gender equality. Comparing these results with the previous survey will help the team to understand if men and women perceive different facilitators or barriers in their jobs. The survey is sponsored by AGILE and voluntarily led by the WiC Core team.



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