ESA boosts space entrepreneurship in Turin

It is with great pleasure to announce to you that an ESA-backed business incubation centre has just opened in Piedmont, a NEREUS Member region! Innovative start-up companies that use space to develop thriving businesses will receive financial support and advice on how to grow their businesses. These can either build equipment for use in space or use space data to create brand new products and services on Earth, such as environmental monitoring, mobility, logistics, and precision agriculture.


The centre was officially inaugurated in an opening ceremony held on 10 November at the Polytechnic of Turin. The incubator is supported by ESA and the Italian Space Agency, ASI (NEREUS Associate member), and was generated from the synergy between the Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin I3P, the Polytechnic of Turin and the Links Foundation. Read more information here (link).


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