Space 4 Critical Infrastructure: Introduction into the proposed EU-Directive on the resilience of critical entities on 29 March 2022, 10.00-11.00

NEREUS in cooperation with EURISY organises a series of webinars to sensitise and discuss with regional stakeholders, research and business community the dimension of the use of space to better monitor and safeguard critical entities in different domains. Space 4 Critical Infrastructure aims at presenting how satellite-based solutions can contribute to the monitoring and maintenance of critical entities. After three introductory webinars presenting the state of play of the legislative process and the rationale behind the enlargement of the scope of the proposed EU Directive on the resilience of critical entities, a set of thematic webinars will be organised to illustrate operational solutions.



The first webinar of this series has the objective to provide an overview of the state of play of the legislative procedure related to the proposed directive (COM (2020) 829 final/2020/0365/COD). The idea is to bring different institutional players to the stage to introduce the legislative proposal and reactions by co-legislators, highlighting the novelties of the proposal and exploring potential controversies and open questions. The webinar will also provide a strategic perspective on current space technology developments and uses to also sensitise the institutional players on the space dimension.




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