EO4GEO: Participation in the Mobility Programme – CALL TO ACTION, deadline 15 April 2022

The EO4GEO mobility programme promotes internships and on-the-job training by students and young professionals, possibly in an international setting. Companies, public and research institutions can now publish their offers by the 15th April 2022. Please contact us at mchrysaki.nereus@euroinbox.com in case of interest.


You may download the templates for submission here: a) on the job training (link), and b) internship (link).


For Universities (academic partner, sending organization):


Please, check with your ERASMUS+ or Internationalization Office if they have grants available for students in 2022-2023. This will guarantee the funds to cover mobility costs for your students.


Please, note that available offers from hosts / project providers are published and updated at the following link http://www.eo4geo.eu/internship-and-project-work-offers/


Please, kindly state your availability to send students and any possible interest in available offers by April 15th, 2022. Are there specific time constraints you have to respect to organize internships from the following months till the end of 2022 (and over, if already agreed)? In case, please let us know.


For possible host organizations / project providers:


Would you be available to host an internship at your premises? Please, remember that also blended or virtual mobility could apply, particularly relevant when it comes to COVID-19 potential restrictions.


Also, would you be interested in providing a challenge/project for a project work? In this case maybe also through a transnational team of students / professionals?


Please, submit your offers using the enclosed templates by April 15th, 2022 to enable universities to properly disseminate them towards their students.


All offers will be made available at the web page http://www.eo4geo.eu/internship-and-project-work-offers/, directly accessible from the home page, and widely advertised through the EO4GEO Network of Networks and other dedicated channels.


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