Launch of the Ocean State Report 6

The publication of the 6th edition of the Copernicus Ocean State Report and Summary prepared by nearly 150 experts from over 30 European institutions over the last 18 months, presents a concise look at the state of the ocean and of critical changes in the marine environment. It shows an ocean facing challenges on multiple fronts, from warming to the melting Arctic, to increased occurrences of extreme events like the marine heat waves in the Mediterranean Sea.


“Ocean change is the ocean’s reaction to human-activities as well the variations it undergoes naturally; it is a concept we at Mercator Ocean International work to describe through, for example, ocean data and forecasts, visualisation tools, and in-depth analysis. The Ocean State Report is an annual publication and is one of the many tools we develop to tell this story of ocean change, which this year reveals an ocean in flux and in need of protection,” Pierre Bahurel, Director General of Mercator Ocean international.


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