Drones Beyond.2022 programme for schools and young people and event on the 17th – 18th November 2022, Fiera del Levante, Bari

The idea behind “Drones Beyond ” is to support and accompany the industrial, scientific, economic, and financial efforts of the aviation community by relating them to the need for creating solutions that can be integrated into the future of cities and communities. The initiatives so far conducted by DTA (NEREUS Associate member) unfold on both the suburban (Grottaglie airport) and urban (city of Bari in Apulia region (NEREUS Full member)) dimensions with the aim of presenting the two areas as an integrated range for the experimentation of new Advanced Air Mobility solutions.


The initiative is therefore included in the long-term development framework of an integrated infrastructure between Grottaglie and Bari, that could generate over time a connection between the two nodes through a future “ experimental drone highway.“


DTA, the Municipality of Bari, and the Regione Puglia, as part of the “Bari Open Innovation Hub” project, funded by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Fund for Development and Cohesion through the “House of Emerging Technologies” call, of which ENAC is a key partner, are now organizing Drones Beyond 2022. The initiative is supported, among others, by UIC2 (Urban Air Mobility Initiative Cities Community) and EU Network of Uspace Stakeholders , also includes the participation of representatives from the European Commission, Italian institutions, European regulators and agencies, European municipalities and numerous companies, including TIM , Exprivia and AMT Services as partners in the “Bari Open Innovation Hub” project. The event will take place on the 17th – 18th November 2022, Fiera del Levante, Bari.


For more information about the event: eventi@dtascarl.it

Flyer + programme (link) and (link).
DTA website: www.dtascarl.org


Most importantly, the Drones Beyond.2022 offers a full programme for schools and young people including: a) Middle schools: The guided tour, lasting an average of 2 hours, can be organized for a limited number of schools and classes and, in particular, only for those that have submitted an application between October 10th and 14th, 2022, b) Participation in “DB racing” for High schools: Participation in the competition is restricted to a limited number of teams and in particular only to those that have submitted their application between October 10th and 14th, 2022, c) For young people aged 18 and above: The cities of tomorrow and the new mobility: opportunities and prospect for young people: Seminars dedicated to them will be held, during which the
Professions related to urban air mobility will be presented. It will be an opportunity to learn about the projects and initiatives of DTA and Apulian universities on advanced air mobility and to express curiosity and interest in enabling technologies and application solutions in the sector. The topics arising during the Q&A session at the seminar will be explored in depth during the two days of Drones Beyond 2022 and in meeting with industry professionals who will be present at the event.


Download the full flyer here (link).



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