NEREUS at the 25th anniversary of Copernicus 8 June 2023!

In the context of the « Copernicus 25th anniversary » on Thursday, 8th June 2023, Mr Thierry Cotelle, NEREUS President emphasized the indispensable role of NEREUS in the promotion of Copernicus in supporting regional policies and addressing regional needs.


Mr Cotelle underlined that the increasing recognition of space as a viable solution has led local and regional decision-makers to adopt a strategic approach towards developing and utilizing space opportunities. Satellite-based services are viewed as valuable sources of information and knowledge, driving innovation and creating business opportunities, entrepreneurship, employment, and educational advancements. Space is now seen as a necessity rather than a luxury, as it enables meeting the needs of citizens and territories. An example of such an initiative is Copernicus4regions, a joint effort by the European Commission and the European Space Agency.


In addition, achieving systematic uptake of space solutions involves raising awareness, conducting outreach, building capacity, and fostering dialogue between service providers and public users. Education and training for staff members and users are crucial, as is understanding the specific needs of public administrations. NEREUS, along with partners and associations, supports these efforts by promoting member experiences, facilitating exchanges, and addressing factors that hinder uptake. The focus is on integrating space solutions into the workflows of public authorities and administrations by identifying regional roadblocks and developing effective approaches.


The recording of the event is available here.



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