Copernicus and Climate Adaptation Workshop on 25/09/2023

Over the recent years, Copernicus has been providing an unprecedented amount of environmental data at global, regional and local scale. Copernicus data is already being used for climate monitoring and is providing the basis for numerous climate change adaptation strategies.


By taking action on climate adaptation now, there are still opportunities to enhance resilience to climate change and further support adaptation efforts, and for this reason, the EU updated its Adaptation Strategy in 2021.


The workshop will review challenges and opportunities for climate adaptation across Copernicus, Earth observation and the policy landscape. It will also include a stakeholder engagement on climate adaptation and urban areas as part of the Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation (KCEO) deep dive on the subject.


A central aim of the workshop will be to promote the use of Copernicus data for the benefit of public and private users on climate adaptation, and to identify emerging needs and requirements, which all can inform the future development of Copernicus.


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