EUSPA announces “Cassini Challenges’’ to boost space entrepreneurship (application period is open from 2 Oct. 2023 until Apr. 2024)

Formerly known as myEUspace, the Cassini Challenges is a competition that calls on innovators to harness the potential of the EU Space Programme and propel European space entrepreneurship forward. With a substantial prize pool of 1,000,000 euros, participants are encouraged to utilize the data and services provided by the EU Space Programme, including Copernicus and Galileo, to address pressing societal challenges.


The competition comprises three main challenges: the Next Generation Challenge focuses on improving the well-being and safety of EU citizens, the Sustainable Future Challenge seeks innovative solutions for ecosystem conservation and sustainable agriculture, and the Emerging Technologies Challenge encourages the integration of EU space data with cutting-edge technologies like AI, quantum computing, blockchain, and virtual reality.


The competition has three tracks for different stages of development:

  • Idea Track: Submit a theoretical idea that addresses a challenge, explains how it works and who benefits from it.
  • Prototype Track: Submit a tested solution that meets customer needs and has a clear value proposition.
  • Product Track: Submit a market-ready product and explain how it solves customer problems.


For more information about the areas of focus for the solutions, you can check this presentation.

The application period is open from 2 Oct. 2023 until Apr. 2024, with different deadlines for each track.


EUSPA, the organizer, provides support, market intelligence, and mentoring throughout the innovation cycle, making the competition a crucial platform for aspiring entrepreneurs in the space sector. The Cassini Challenges are open to teams from the EU27, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland, allowing diverse participants to compete based on the maturity of their solutions.



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