NEREUS participation at the Earth Observation Forum, Kraków: November 8-9, 2023

The Earth Observation Forum 2023 (FOZ 2023) commenced its proceedings with great enthusiasm, marking the first day of the event under the compelling theme, “New Horizons of Earth Observation” at the Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego Kraków, Malopolska (NEREUS full member). The forum held on 8-9 November, witnessed a remarkable turnout, with over 100 on-site participants and an impressive online viewership of nearly 1700 for the live broadcasts. Ms Roya Ayazi represented the Network on this occasion highlighting the bottom-up approach of NEREUS focused on the benefits of Earth Observation for regions and their citizens and its significance for the EU policies.


Key Highlights


🌍 Diverse Participation:
A diverse group of professionals and enthusiasts gathered at FOZ 2023 to explore the latest developments and advancements in the field of Earth observation.

🚀 Satellite Imagery as a Valuable Tool:
The significance of satellite imagery as a vital source of information and a crucial tool for specialists in various fields took center stage during the day’s discussions.

💻 NSIS Unveiling:
A major highlight was the unveiling of the National Satellite Information System (#NSIS) created by #POLSA. This national system is poised to revolutionize the reception, storage, processing, and sharing of satellite data.

🌐 Thematic Sessions:
Experts delved into thematic sessions covering a range of critical topics, including satellite data in public institutions, artificial intelligence in image analysis, environmental monitoring, and the effects of climate change.


Acknowledging Participation:

Expressing gratitude for active participation, the FOZ 2023 organizers extended a warm acknowledgment to representatives of NEREUS. Special mention was made regarding their involvement in the fourth edition of the Polish Space Agency’s Earth Observation Forum, with a reserved time slot for their speech in the inaugural session.


Upcoming Events:

Organized in collaboration with the Marshal’s Office of Małopolska Region, this year’s FOZ will continue on November 8-9 at the esteemed Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow. The event promises to bring together renowned specialists in the field of Earth observation, creating a unique space for knowledge exchange.


Focus on Fusion:

The fourth edition of the forum is set to focus on issues related to the fusion of remote sensing and geospatial data. This strategic emphasis provides an excellent opportunity for experts to discuss and present innovative solutions to the challenges in this evolving field.


NSIS Platform: Stay Informed:

As FOZ 2023 progresses, attendees and enthusiasts are encouraged to stay informed by following updates on the National Satellite Information System (NSIS) platform. This platform promises to showcase the capabilities, usability, and future directions of the system, making it an exciting area to watch.

In conclusion, the first day of FOZ 2023 has laid a strong foundation for what promises to be a dynamic and informative event. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and the exploration of new horizons, the forum sets the stage for a collective journey into the future of Earth observation.



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