25 January, 10.00-11.30 CET: THE SAFETY AND SECURITY DIMENSION OF SPACE VI: R&D, capability development, capacity-building

On 25 January, 10.00-11.30 the 6th session will debate space and security policy as well as space and security capability developments. Various topics will be discussed such as space for safety, security, R&D, capability developments, and skills building for the sector. Synergies with the security/safety sector, dual-use, partnerships and cross-fertilization will be discussed by the panel Watch here our previous webinars https://www.nereus-regions.eu/category/events/defence/


You can download the agenda here (link).

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Target group: space clusters within and outside NEREUS, SMEs, companies, and all regional stakeholders interested in space businesses regarding the use of space technologies. 


What is it about?  


The series of webinars has the overall objective of making the cluster and SME community at the regional level more transparent and fostering cooperation and partnerships among them. The idea is to stimulate new ways of cooperation within but also outside regions, and foster space business: Another important objective is to introduce the participants to new opportunities for partnerships and funding in the private and public sectors and inform them about relevant EU and ESA programs.  


All online sessions aim at:  

  • Presenting the NEREUS space business community (space clusters, companies, SMEs): what are their expertise and best practices; what are their strengths? Cluster competences 
  • Enhancing collaboration and interlinkage amongst NEREUS private space community and regional space ecosystems (clusters, companies, etc) (moderated discussion); 
  • Providing an overview of the recent developments/trends and challenges in the European private space sector (EU projects, new trends, investment opportunities); 
  • Highlighting new funding EU/ESA funding opportunities (moderated discussion);  
  • Exploring how the private space sector can benefit the most from EU business initiatives (ESA BIC, Defence Fund) (moderated discussion);  




The private space sector is one of the main players to boost the capitalisation of Europe’s space infrastructure. The increasing cooperation between the public and private sectors on many and diverse space domains, in particular, the downstream sector and the ongoing development of big and small private space players is vital for the future of the European space sector but also for an optimal cross-fertilisation with non-space sectors. 

These online events will introduce the Network’s space clusters and companies active in a wide range of domains including agriculture, maritime affairs, R&D, and telecommunication. Moreover, it will explore potential partnerships within but also outside the Network as well as debate new EU/ESA initiatives and funding opportunities. Private space business in regions is considered one of the most valuable inputs for regional strategies, development and growth. In this context, NEREUS will provide its members a lively forum to discuss and interact and facilitate cross-cluster and cross-border collaboration. 

NEREUS is a European network of regions, currently comprised of 24 Member regions and 33 Associate members (including space clusters and companies). NEREUS is the only European association that represents the interests of European regions and their stakeholders (companies, clusters, etc) using space technologies while simultaneously highlighting the regional dimension of European space policy and programmes. 


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